Endramada = More DRAMA

If you are looking for a place to hold your event, please shy away from considering ENDRAMADA.  I had the WORST experience when trying to secure the venue.  They seem very shady when it comes to booking the place.  For starters they won't let you have a copy of the contract to take home and review.  You MUST read it on the spot in order to make the decision if you will pay and sign.  Secondly, the person who is in charge of handling the bookings, a Ms. or Mr. Teresa Aquino, is downright rude.  Imagine planning one of the biggest events of your life and the person you are dealing with doesn't know how to handle themselves.  She could not keep her composure when discussing the details of the event.  She is basically retarded when it comes to sound systems because she requires that you book the sound system from them and no other is allowed due to "barangay clearance".  However, when I asked if I could request clearance from the barangay directly, she said "No, because the sound system is mine".  Basically, if you choose this venue, you will be guaranteed to pay an additional 20K as what's advertised.  BEWARE.  There are many other venues you can consider when having an event.  Their venue is barely more than mediocre when it comes to the look.  If you are impressed with the pictures, the other thing to consider is what kind of people you are dealing with when booking.  For example, you must pay an additional 300 per electric fan you use.  The list could go on with all the additional and hidden charges, BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE of ENDRAMADA.

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  1. so sorry for your bad experience. Thank you for the heads up, balak ko pa namang irent ito for my son's 1st birthday and dedication.